Planet Former for UE4

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I create an asset for UE4 for procedurally generating unique planet and stars. Planet Former.
It contains 7 different generators (master-materials):

  1. Alien Planets
  2. Fluid Planets
  3. Gas Giants
  4. Terra-like Planets
  5. Lava Planets
  6. Moon / Asteroids
  7. Sun (Stars)

All generators have their own algorithm for generating the surface, so results are always interesting and unique. Materials are highly customizable, that allowing you to create millions of planets, completely different from each other. Also, they all have the animation options, that allows the planets to look more alive and dynamic. Some generators contains really cool FX, like ThunderStorms or/and animated emissive glows. And, of course, dynamic clouds with atmosphere settings. Generators are cheap and fast. They use a sets of fractal masks, and saves you from having to clutter up tons of video memory for textures.


  • 7 powerfull planet generators (master-materials), each has it’s own surface generating algorithm.
  • All generators are animated and highly-customizable, which makes possible to create Billions of unique planets.
  • 80 beautiful ‘ready-to-use’ planet materials, which can be immediately used in your project.
  • Animated thunder storms, emissive glows, clouds, atmospherics.
  • 15 Fractal masks and 15 strips masks can drastically change your planet’s look with one click!
  • Cheap. Fast. Effective. Powerfull.

Some hi-res screens (click):


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