Background Scapes for UE4

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Pack contains 5 different setting for the mountains, divided into 43 separate low-poly meshes of different sizes. Each setting has its own set of materials, masks, textures, normal maps. n addition to coloring provided by default you can activate the option “Custom Colorization”, which is using a set of masks will allow you to drastically change the coloring of the mountains under any surroundings and most precisely adapt background to the colors of scene.

– Construct your own background from scratch, or use one of 20 ready to use panoramic background presets;
– 5 different photo-realistic settings for the mountains, divided into 43 individual low-poly meshes.
– Textures size is 2048×2048. Each setting contains it’s own set of albedo, normal and masks textures.
– Use the “Custom Colorization” to adapt the background under a particular scene or dramatically change the background entourage.

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